Meet Anna



In short: I live with my whole heart. I am sensitive, sentimental and am never afraid to "feel all of the feels".

I discovered the love of my life when I was very young and never let him go. Becoming a parent has been a ride, one that has made me intimate with baby loss, infertility, open adoption, and the privilege (and challenges!) of mothering. I truly appreciate the beauty and bittersweetness of these long days and short years.

I fell in love with reproductive health and sex-positive education and advocacy in high school, which bloomed into a nursing degree in college. For over 12 years, I worked in various medical centers as a labor and delivery RN. Empowering birthing people and their families to have the best birth possible for them has always been my focus. For me, there is nothing better than witnessing someone who felt overwhelmed by the intensity of birth dig deep and allow passage for the littlest love in their life. It's like a magic show, every time. I can't believe how lucky I am to be a part of that thin, sacred space.

Shifting gears into doula work has been the most natural progression, as forming close relationships and providing consistent, tailored support has always been my favorite parts of birth work. No longer am I attached to a computer, charting my life away, nor being pulled out of birthing suites to accommodate staffing needs or emergencies. I get to provide hand-on, nurturing care and education...even in my client's homes! 

My current passion has been bridging the gap in care for new families during the "fourth trimester" and beyond (birth to 12+ weeks). Having experienced Postpartum Depression and Anxiety, myself, I am versed in how much you can want for the tiniest person in your life and how sleep deprivation, hormonal changes, lack of social support and baby's own personality can compromise your confidence in providing it. As a country, our societal expectations of new parents is dreadfully overestimated and ridiculous. "Doing it all" and often by yourself once you bring baby home can lead to such disappointment, loneliness and, quite frankly, culture shock. I'm excited to help families ease into this new life, whether through birth or adoptive placement. I believe having a doula at your side as you learn how to nurture your child is much like placing the oxygen mask on yourself, first.