Meet Eleanor



I have always been a nurturer, caregiver, and peacemaker. I love fiercely and feel honored to ride through all of the highs and lows of life’s rollercoaster with my people.

I met my partner for life when we were freshmen in college at Illinois Wesleyan University. We have very different personalities, but provide balance while being closely bonded by our core values--which include a deep love for family and lifelong desire to be parents.

Together we welcomed four beautiful children through a range of birth experiences--from an unmedicated, peaceful water birth to an induction, use of epidural, and time spent in the NICU with a preemie. I was awed every time by an overwhelming love of bringing new life into the world and honoring the individuality of each baby, birth story, and the impact each had on our growing family. When my youngest child was born in 2011, I looked into becoming a doula or midwife. I quickly realized that my household of four littles (aged 5 and under!) was not exactly conducive to an on-call sort of life and put that dream on the back burner...

Instead, I was fortunate to continue a very flexible office job in the financial services industry for a total of about 15 years. I enjoyed the intellectual challenge and learning opportunities, the friends and mentors I met along the way, and the predictable rhythm of the corporate world. Still, I felt a longing to be of service in a more hands-on way.

In 2017, I was reintroduced to the world of doula work and my desire to empower birthing families was reignited. Upon learning of the impact doulas are having in the postpartum and post-placement period, lovingly supporting families as they find their footing, I knew this was truly the right path for me. As I worked through my doula training, each step made it more apparent that this was the heart-work I had been longing for, and a natural fit for who I am and who I aspire to be.

In my mind, an ‘ideal’ birth is one where the birthing family feels that they have the information, confidence, and autonomy to make the best choices for themselves and their baby; whatever the birth plan, whatever the result, that they walk in and out of the experience knowing that their voices are heard and respected. I dream of a community where new and growing families have a reliable support network to lean on with each new transition.  Having a new baby is challenging for countless reasons, and while that may be acknowledged, it lights me up to know I can do more; I get to say I am here to help--you do not have to figure this all out on your own.