It Takes A Village Birth + Family Support, LLC, was founded in 2017 as a doula partnership serving families throughout the Chicagoland area to meet the need for dedicated support and advocacy. Rooted in the philosophy that there is no one “right” way to birth or raise a baby, we created a nurturing, non-judgmental practice that listens deeply to your hopes and fears, supports you unconditionally and understands that you bring your whole lifetime of experience to the moment of your baby’s birth or journey to your arms.


co-founder, RN, BSN

birth + Postpartum Doula, CD(DTI); childbirth educator, CD(DTI)

“It’s so important to me that families are able to have GOOD BIRTHS—that we truly pay attention to what pregnant people and new parents are saying they are feeling and what they need to be whole and confident. It’s not so much about the actual mode of birth that enables it to feel like a success. A good birth requires a sense of feeling safe, loved, heard, respected and empowered. I spent years supporting a very medical model of birth as an RN, but what I discovered is that my calling is so much more heart-centered than any medical skill I was trained to do.”



birth + postpartum doula, CD(DTI)

“It’s a privilege to ‘parent the parents’ while they find their footing in this incredible new journey. The absolute best part of the work for me is watching new parents gain confidence. I know from experience that each set of parents is already everything their baby needs! Offering families a chance to rest, eat nourishing foods, practice restorative self-care, and talk through all of the joys and challenges of their daily lives feels wonderful for me. And then getting to see them come into their own knowledge that they know their baby better than anyone else in the world, and they’ve GOT this, fills my heart!”



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It Takes A Village Birth + Family Support LLC and all contractors value inclusiveness, social justice, and equality. We serve all clients, of all races, religious affiliations, sexual orientations, gender identification and abilities. With these pillars in mind, It Takes A Village Birth + Family Support LLC does not tolerate racist remarks, homophobic or transphobic behavior, slurs, sexist/misogynistic remarks, active violence and rhetoric, or anything that perpetuates discrimination and is considered a detriment to the doulas, other persons or the community as a whole.