We care for families wanting or needing every kind of birth: from hip-squeezes while you rock through surges at home, to helping you labor upright as long as possible before a planned epidural in an L&D suite, to holding hands and space during a premature or medically high-risk delivery. Every birth story can benefit from our advocacy, warmth, laughter and hands-on connection.

Our approach for birth clients:

  • We work as a team to provide custom tailored prenatal support! Our collaborative approach creates time and space to answer questions, celebrating each milestone, participating in the prenatal meeting/s you schedule, allowing you to get to know both of us, and then encouraging you in the on-call period leading up to your birth. You don’t have to choose one of us, because you get both of us!

  • Each doula alternates taking one week of call time for our families as they near the birth of their babies. We work on a rotating weekly schedule to keep our energy vibrant. If our designated on-call doula is already at a birth when you go into labor or need us by your side, we always have the remaining doula who is able to jump into action.

  • The doula lucky enough to support you at your birth also visits you at your postpartum check-in after you come home.

To consider hiring us:

  • We only confirm consultation appointments when we are sure we have availability for your due date. We value your time and energy greatly, and we always let families know if we are close to filling a birth month.

  • We host blocks of 45-minute interviews at our studio three times a month—that way you can meet all three of us at the same time (so long as one of us isn’t at a birth, of course)!

  • If that isn’t convenient enough for you, we can also schedule phone or web consultations, too. These are limited by our schedule, but we always want to make sure you get a chance to connect.



Postpartum/post-placement support meets you right where you’re at each time you need us. Whether it’s the first night home, occasional stretches during the week or as much care as you can get during your leave, it’s the perfect chance for us to parent the parents and provide tender, restorative care for you, so you can be at your best for your baby. 

Our approach for new family support:

  • We work as a team to create a blanket of support for you, alternating the skills and character of each doula to nurture you along the period of support you desire.

To consider hiring us: 

  • Complete our intake form in the contact section of our website with as much detail as possible—the more details of what you’re looking for, especially in terms of timing, the better!

  • We offer in-person consultations for those planning postpartum support in advance.

  • We connect with families who reach out to us after their baby is born via phone or web consultations. We love answering questions, describing our support style and seeing if you feel comfortable moving forward from that point on.