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Welcome! We're so glad you're here! Growing a family can happen in all sorts of ways, with all sorts of ups and downs. It's a beautiful, complicated life transition that many of us navigate without true guidance and hands-on support. How do we know what we need as expectant and new parents? What if it's really hard to ask for help? 

Our mission at It Takes A Village [Birth + Family Support] is to inform, encourage and empower expectant parents to realize their own best vision for a healthy and meaningful passage into parenthood. We are also here to lovingly support parents when journeys detour through unexpected or painful paths.

As doulas, we aren't shy with uncomfortable questions, difficult decisions or, even, those amazing mesh postpartum undies. We hold space for you and understand those moments when you are overwhelmed or even when you aren't "loving every minute of it". 

We aren't just excited to hold your baby--we truly want to hold your hand. Parents matter. We care about your mental health, your birth or placement experience and what it all means to you. We are by your side for all of it--as your compassionate sidekick, amusing cheerleaders and dedicated sounding boards. You aren't alone, because it really does take a village.


Wondering if we're the right fit? Can't wait to meet us?

What Is A Doula?

A doula is a trained professional who provides education, advocacy and intimate support to a birthing or newly postpartum person/adoptive parent, their baby and their family. 

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Who Is A Part of Your Village?

From various kinds of birth to infant loss to adoption, our team has experienced a wide range in weaving together a family, and we are honored to focus that experience, warmth and resourcefulness with your family. 

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What Does Support Look Like?

What is most important to you is most important to us--we tailor our coverage around your specific needs and goals for birth, bringing your baby home and any challenges along the way.

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When you create a difference in someone's life, you not only impact their life--you impact everyone influenced by them throughout their entire life.


"I cannot say enough wonderful things about my doula experience with It Takes A Village. Anna and Eleanor are two of the most supportive, compassionate, empowering women I have ever met. At our initial meeting to decide if it was a fit, there was an immediate warmth and connection. I was able to be vulnerable and comfortable from the start -- which is so important, especially in labor when you're at your most vulnerable. During our prenatal period, Anna and Eleanor offered support and resources leading up to the big day -- along with encouragement and support when I became frustrated that my labor didn't seem like it would ever come. Anna was on-call when I went into labor, and she created a safe space both at my home while I labored there, on the car ride to the hospital, and in the hospital during the most trying part of my labor. She constantly reassured and encouraged me. She laughed with me and celebrated with me and made it a point to help me stay focused and strong. But the support didn't just extend to me. Anna was an incredible support to my partner, Paul. I would recommend Anna to anyone looking for supportive, compassionate, joyful and empowering doula support." 

- our client, Tiff s.


It Takes All of Us

Advocacy and support shouldn't be a privilege. We designate 2% of our revenue to help new families in crisis and poverty throughout Chicagoland.


"My experience with Eleanor Romeus as my Doula was amazing. She was so supportive throughout my very long labor and delivery of my son. She knew the right things to say, when to offer me things or support, and when to give me my space. She was especially helpful towards the end when I had 5 hours of very painful and intense pushing. She was there unconditionally cheering me on, supporting me physically and emotionally, and just being a positive presence in the room. I loved having a Doula in the room with me so that my Labor nurse could focus on what she needed to do. My best friend was also in the room, and I felt that she and Eleanor made a great team not only supporting me, but also supporting and taking care of each other. 31 hours is a long time to do anything, but especially standing on hospital floors and emotionally supporting someone through one of the toughest yet rewarding days of their life. I am thankful Eleanor was one of my support people!"

- our client, erin h.


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Love Notes Are the Best

Our greatest joy is empowering others and helping them discover that they had incredible strength and inner wisdom all along. But don't take our word for it...